Blake Jackson started in the trucking industry at the young age of 10, by picking weeds at his father’s GMC store in Salt Lake City, Utah. He worked throughout his teenage years in the parts and service departments learning various components of the business. After graduating from Brigham Young University in Business Finance in 1996, Blake returned to working for his father in Idaho Falls, Idaho as a Branch Manager of a small Peterbilt dealership.

In 2003, Blake purchased his first Peterbilt store in Boise, Idaho and also began the buy out process of his father’s then 3 stores. In 2005, Blake formed Jackson Group Peterbilt and combined the family’s multiple dealerships into one conglomerate and took the helm.

Jackson Group Peterbilt, now consists of 13 dealerships spanning the states of Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Nevada employing over 300 people.

The Jackson Group Peterbilt stores have received many of Peterbilt’s highest dealer awards for the last eight years including five "Peterbilt Dealer of the Year" awards, and two of Peterbilt’s most prestigious and coveted awards - “The North American Dealer of the Year” in 2013 and 2008. To receive these awards, a dealership must excel in several key measurements such as financial management, market share, market growth, parts, service, sales, and customer satisfaction.

In accepting the North American Dealer of the Year awards, Blake has consistently recognized that the achievement is largely credited to his great employees, a fantastic franchise and the opportunities he received while working in his youth. Then Peterbilt Motors General Manager Bill Jackson said of Blake, when receiving his award, that “he was regarded as an example of what dedication, vision and commitment to Peterbilt can achieve.”

The Jackson Group Peterbilt of dealerships have also received multiple Platinum Oval awards from Peterbilt recognizing them for top sales, service and performance excellence in the industry.

In 2013, Jackson Group Peterbilt opened its flagship store in Salt Lake City. The 128,000+ sq feet facility is one of the largest in America and redefines the dealership experience. Darrin Siver, General Manager of Peterbilt Motors Company and PACCAR Vice President, said of the facility: “Jackson Group Peterbilt has clearly demonstrated its commitment to superior customer satisfaction, dedication to the Peterbilt brand and investment in innovative resources and technologies. Jackson Group Peterbilt has raised the bar on what the industry should expect in a commercial vehicle dealership.”

Peterbilt Motor Company, based out of Denton, Texas is recognized as the premiere truck builder in the US. Since its inception in 1939, Peterbilt has been known for its classic, custom engineered trucks, receiving many JD Powers awards for its innovation and quality.