Taking Care of Our Customers is Our Number One Priority.

We go to great lengths to make sure that we offer the best service available at low prices to keep you on the road and on time to wherever you need to go. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to keep your truck running its best and will perform all necessary inspections for optimal safety and performance.

Our services include:

   •Oil Changes
   •Tire Rotation and Replacement
   •Power Steering
   •Tune Ups
   •and More

Take advantage of our Service Specials below to save


Cooling - System Service
Heating is your engine's worst enemy! Have our service department check out your cooling system. Service specials include:
   • Up to six gallons of low silicate antifreeze
   • DCA-type water filter
   • Pressure check of cooling system
   • Inspection of all hoses and belts

$99.95 labor only

Power Steering Inspection
   • Inspect steering shaft u-joint
   • Inspect tie rod ends
   • Inspect draglinks
   • Check power steering pump and gears for leaks

$99.95 labor only

Engine Diagnostics
Are you experiencing low engine power? Low fuel economy? Intermittent engine overheating? Is your speedometer reading differently from your actual road speed? Let our factory trained technicians diagnose the problem and make the repairs.

   • From computerized diagnostics to Dynamometer testing, we have the latest tools on the premises to diagnose your engine

One Hour Dynamometer Engine Diagnostic Work-Up

$99.95 labor only*
*Does Not Include Parts of Labor to Complete Any Repairs

Belt Replacement
Replace that worn belt before it leaves you sitting along the road.

$49.95 labor only

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